Wheat Grass, The Green Superfood

Antioxidant, rich in vitamins and minerals and with a very special flavor, wheat grass can be incorporated into the diet to help prevent many diseases.

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Wheat grass is considered one of the most important superfoods in terms of cleansing and detoxifying the body, nutrition and cell regeneration, as well as being a powerful alkalinizer, as it helps to balance our pH. And, it can be consumed by celiacs, since during the germination process gluten disappears. The green explosion that wheat grass has represented in recent years responds to the countless benefits of concentrated chlorophyll in this food.

Wheat grass, the green superfood

Chlorophyll is healing and powerful. Devastating with germs and viruses, but gentle on diseased body tissues and organs. The way it works is a secret of nature. It looks like green magic. In fact, the molecular structure of chlorophyll is very similar to that of human blood, with the only slight difference that the central element of chlorophyll is magnesium, and that of hemoglobin, iron.Therefore, this extract produces red blood cells quickly after ingestion.

We also know that once absorbed by the blood through the lymphatic system it activates cellular metabolism, detoxifies the body, improves defenses, increases the regenerative capacity of cells, enhances natural healing processes, stimulates the formation of red blood cells, helps to the healing of the wounds, it purifies the blood, stops the infections, balances the acid-basic relationship and prevents cancer, among other capacities.

A good morning green juice

The multiple benefits of wheat grass are obtained in a simple and concentrated way through the juice, since 30 ml of wheat grass just liquefied contain approximately the same nutritional value as a kilo of green leafy vegetables. And just a small tablespoon of powdered wheat grass (3.5 g) is nutritionally equivalent to a 50 g spinach salad.

If you want to make a good green juice you have to start by hydrating the wheat grass in a glass of water. The dose is as follows: a small tablespoon at first and then a soup tureen. You can add barley sprouts, spirulina or chlorella to enhance the green and chlorophyll, but if you want to enrich and give more flavor to the preparation you can combine the juice with various ingredients, which will always be organic and locally grown.

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