4 Facts About Body Fat

One person of 75 kilograms can have much more adipose tissue than another with the same weight. How do you find out how many kilos of fat there is in your body? What is a ‘normal’ fat percentage? And: does fat tissue also exist?

If a doctor or dietitian wants to determine whether your weight is healthy, he or she will first calculate your BMI . Sit is the result between 18.5 and 25, then your weight according to the standards healthy. But … your BMI does not say everything about the amount of fat in your body, as this illustration from the New York Times shows nicely. Four facts about body fat, plus a fat bonus.

Fact 1: It Is Different Whether You Are A Man Or A Woman

To begin with, there is a difference between women and men. Women naturally have a higher fat percentage than men. The average fat percentage of women is between 25-31 percent, for men this is 18-25 percent. This means that a woman weighing 75 kilograms has an average of 18.75 – 23 kilograms of fat and a man 13.5 – 18.75 kilograms. Do you know women and men on Instagram who proudly show their six pack? They each have a lower fat percentage, usually around 12-15 percent. Only when you are thin do the abdominal muscles become visible.

Fact 2: The Older, The More Fat (But That Is Not Necessary)

The older you are, the higher the fat percentage. This is partly a natural process, but it is also because when we are older we become less active and therefore less muscular. This also reduces our metabolism and we arrive faster. You can counter this effect by doing weight training at a later age. Never think that you are too old for it. There has even been research into strength training in over-80s: they also made muscle tissue.

Fact 3: You Should Not Compare Apples With Pears

It also matters where the fat is in your body. There is subcutaneous fat that settles directly under the skin. You see that as round buttocks, firm upper arms or thick thighs. They are so-called pear-shaped people, where the fat is mainly around the lower body. This fat is not so detrimental to health. But fat can also be stored around the organs and in the abdominal cavity. That is visceral fat and that is unfavorable to health. These people have an apple model. A belly, even if you are slim, is always bad news: that is visceral fat. Therefore, use a measuring tape in addition to the scale .

Fact 4: There Are TOFIS And FOTIS

Maybe you are a TOFI: Thin Outside, Fat Inside. Then you look slim at first sight, but your waist circumference is still too high and you have too much visceral fat. A FOTI can also be: Fat Outside Thin Inside. Then you are firm on the outside, but you still have very little visceral fat. It is rare and occurs mainly in people who eat healthy and exercise a lot but are overweight.

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Fat Bonus: Brown Fat

There is one type of adipose tissue that you do not have enough of quickly: brown fat. It burns your body warm and keeps your metabolism up to standard. Babies and young children have it pretty much. And some people also have a lot of brown fat in adulthood. Brown fat can increase due to cold and movement.

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