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Tips for healthy, shiny and strong nails

Nails are often forgotten in the external care. And this is unfortunate, because good nails give a neat appearance. In addition, the quality of your nails also says a lot about your health. Weak nails that break and break quickly can be a signal that your nutrients are deficient.

This blog article contains tips to get your nails beautiful, strong and healthy and keep them healthy.

What do healthy nails look like?

Healthy nails should be a bit pinkish in color and the lunula, the piece of nail that sticks out, white. In addition, they should be hard and smooth, with no cracks.

What is the cause of brittle nails?

Fragile nails can arise as a result of both external factors and internal factors. External factors are the elements that can damage nails from the outside. Think of chemicals, water or all the work you do with your hands. Internal factors are elements such as nutrition, vitamin and sleep deprivation. Often it is a combination of external and internal factors that ensures brittle and weak nails. Fortunately, you can often do something about brittle nails.

What can you do to get your nails strong and healthy?

With the following tips your nails will become so strong again that your fake nails can enter the trash:

1. Nutrition

Nails are made up of three layers: the upper horny layer, the keratin layer and the lower epithelial layer. The upper horny layer can let loose on dry nails, making them brittle and weaker. To prevent this and keep the nails as strong as possible, it is important to eat healthy and varied.

Fragile nails can develop in people with malnutrition or vitamin deficiency. Often people with weak nails have a shortage of biotin, also known as vitamin B8, vitamin D, calcium and zinc. This can be obtained from ordinary food such as eggs, fish, dairy, nuts, fruit and vegetables. You can also take supplements.

2. Avoid stress and sleep deprivation for healthy nails

Stress and sleep deprivation ensure that the development of your skin, hair and nails is inhibited. The term beauty sleep is not for nothing.

3. Moisturize your nails

Keep your nails hydrated by means of a hand cream or lotion. You can rub your cuticles with Vaseline or oil.

4. Protect your nails

Water, and especially hot water, is disastrous for your nails. That is why it is advisable to wear rubber gloves every time your hands and feet come into contact with water. Such as during washing or washing, while mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom.

But also if you come into contact with strong chemicals such as benzine, turpentine or cleaning agents. Also, the use of nail polish remover based on acetone is not a good idea. Therefore, use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone.





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