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Proactol is a dietary supplement that helps rid the body of the fat we consume in our daily meals. It works by binding with fat into a viscous gel that the body cannot absorb and then after it has been in the digestive system for a period of time due to the slowed down digestive system it leaves the body in the same fashion all food leaves our bodies.

The key benefit is the active ingredient in Proactol, which is fiber from Prickly pears. This is a pure and natural way to get fiber into the body as recommended by both doctors and nutritionist, but with a twist. Unlike most fiber that simply fills us up and then helps to cleanse the digestive tract, Proactol is made of two types of fiber that work together to help the body work better and dispense with dietary fat.

The two fibers are referred to as soluble and non-soluble. They work within the body to serve separate purpose but work together in tandem. The soluble fiber creates a chemical reaction with the bile acids that trigger the digestive system. This effectively slows down the digestive system thereby suppressing one’s appetite and helps to reduce the body’s ability to absorb glucose.

The non-soluble fiber actually does the binding action that most people who have heard of Proactol are familiar with. This binding action actually cause the dietary fat to become a gel like material that lingers in the stomach and keeps the body from absorbing the fat it consumes in meals. Once the digestive track returns to normal function, the body dispenses with the gelled fat in the normal way.

Although Proactol has been found to be quite effective in clinical studies and it has received the support of the medical profession, it still comes with a caveat. Due to certain aspects in the functioning of Proactol certain people should not use this supplement to lose weight. Those who suffer from diabetes should not take it due to the glucose issue. If you are unsure whether you have diabetes you should have your doctor test you for it to make sure before you begin a regimen that includes Proactol. Also, if you have digestive issues or you have any digestive or stomach diseases, you should not take Proactol due to its effect on the digestive system. In such cases you must follow professionally guided exercise and diet programs for weight loss. You can find unbiased 3 Weeks Diet review (one of the most prominent weight loss program) through this link.

Of course if you have none of the above medical or health issues you may very well benefit from taking Proactol in more ways than just weight loss. You also may reduce the mere possibility of developing diabetes. Also, the fiber in the supplement may help reduce the chances of developing heart conditions that could lead to strokes.

Talk with your doctor about your interest in trying Proactol to lose weight. Due to the support of most medical professionals he may agree with you that this supplement will help you if you have no other health issues.





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